[mythtv-users] WakeOnAlarm: Searching for the cause of failure

Peter Carlsson maillist.peter at home.se
Mon Oct 29 18:27:09 UTC 2007


I have once again been in contact with Gigabyte supprt, which have been 
very supportive.

They have tested with a setup similar to mine with only a minimum of 
components and I have done the same. I also followed the exact same 
steps as they did and it worked immediately! I then put one component 
back at a time and tested the Wake-On-Alarm and it still worked after 
all components were back in the computer!?!

The steps suggested by Gigabyte support:
- Load Optimized Defaults in BIOS
- Set correct BIOS time
- Save BIOS settings and exit
- Computer will reboot
- Enter BIOS setup
- Set Power-On by Alarm [Enabled]
- Set Day of Month Alarm [Everyday]
- Set wakeup time 5-10 minutes in the future
- Save BIOS settings and exit
- Computer will reboot
- After reboot turn power off (press power button for 4 seconds)

The only differences from these steps I can recall are that I didn't 
load the Optimized Defaults and also instead of holding down the power 
button for 4 seconds I issued the poweroff command from the root account.

Is there something I have to do for this to work with the poweroff 
command? Suggestions about what I should do next?

I also noticed that the wakeup time was found after a successful startup:

htpc:~# cat /proc/acpi/alarm
2007-00-00 17:55:00

For background information, please see my previous mails.

Best regards,
Peter Carlsson

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