[mythtv-users] Issaquah WA Comcast Help

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 00:42:55 UTC 2009

> Ok, thanks folks. I had been under the misunderstanding that I would be ok
> since I had cable (a simple rescan would work).

They are not referring to the digital switch for over the air
broadcast that happened in June. What you are apparently experiencing
is not directly related to that. Many cable providers are switching
from analog to digital in their cable systems. It allows them to
conserve bandwidth. Also they can get everybody onto set top boxes
which bring in more revenue and allow them to try to get people to
move up to higher priced tiers. However, I am surprised that you
wouldn't know about this if they did turn off analog access. If you
had extended basic and they switch all of your channels to digital
they notify you and give you opportunity to get their cheap cable
digital boxes for free.

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