[mythtv-users] State of Lossless h.264 Cutting

DISAFAN disafan at aim.com
Sun Oct 4 03:08:45 UTC 2009

That is my fault. I bumped it up one night and didn't think much of it. 
I never expected it would last uncommented on this long, to be honest, 
after someone said that they thought having two function calls didn't 
make sense. I just wanted my own to work. I figured, since people 
thought it was inelegant, someone would propose a better method.

The issue I saw is that if we changed the demuxer for everything, any 
program expecting certain values would have to be changed, or fail. This 
way, it only falls back on the alternate check if the first doesn't work.

> On Sat, 2009-10-03 at 12:54 -0700, Ian Forde wrote:
>> >  On Fri, 2009-10-02 at 17:20 -0400, DISAFAN wrote:
>>> >  >  I submitted a patch to make nuvexport work. Its big problem was
>>> >  >  height/width detection in the perl bindings.  The HD-PVR recordings come
>>> >  >  with a height of 0 using the original detection routine.
>>> >  >  
>>> >  >  http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/6774
>>> >  >  
>>> >  >  Admittedly, I barely know perl, and there was some comment my solution
>>> >  >  was less than elegant, but the thing works.
>>> >  >  
>>> >  >  It works perfectly for me with HD-PVR recordings.
>> >  
>> >  I'm getting the following right before it bombs out:
>> >  
>> >     Stream type 'lavf' is not an mpeg, and will
>> >     not work with this program.
>> >  
>> >  Also, the h264.diff patch isn't formatted properly to apply directly
>> >  (for example, it doesn't specify a filename...) it looks like a diff
>> >  with filenames stripped off, rather than a patch file...
> Okay - for EVERYONE ELSE out there considering testing the patch(es) in
> this ticket, note that you will need to apply*only*  the h264.diff
> changes to Recording.pm.  And*not*  apply the bindingpatch.diff changes.
> If you apply both patches, you'll get the error I experienced above.
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