[mythtv-users] VBI CC in DVB streams

Thomas Mørch tmorch at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 11:18:38 UTC 2009

I have problems getting CC to work in my myth setup.
the first problem, is that the individual letters in the CC is too big, and
they are written on top of each other (for example, if the text is "my" then
it looks like "ny" because the second half of the m is overwritten with the
y) Also the text extends above the black bars that is intended as the
background for the text.

The next problem, is that on certain channels, the CC is out of sync with
the video, the problem shows in delayed texts, texts that are skipped or
shown very briefly.

I have looked everywhere for an answer to both my questions, googled a ton
of pages, but so far I havent found anything.

Anyone that has a setup that is working?

System info :
MythTv 0.21 svn 20090824
DVB-S receiver : WinTV nova-S and WinTV Nova-S2 (both pci cards)

MythTV 0.21 svn 21185 (minimyth)
Via EPIA-M10k board
no local tuners.

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