[mythtv-users] Recap of experiences with mythbuntu Karmic and 0.22 (issues)

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 17:13:51 UTC 2009

Thanks for the updayte great to hear how it is going - I am using xubuntu
kaola with myth.21 as a frontend which is fine, a few small things wrong
withit but nothing major (live tv doesn't work but never use it anyway)

The backend is 9.04 and one day will look to upgrade it as myth.22 seems to
be abbig step forward from a ui perspective. Just not brave enough yet.
Thanks for the update.


Please excuse brevity and mistakes, this email was composed on a mobile

Thanks and regards,
Richard Morton

On Oct 9, 2009 4:42 PM, "German Rodriguez" <callmegar at gmail.com> wrote:


Just wanted to write a recap of what is working and not on my
currently mythtv install.

I'm using an ASUS P5N7A-VM LGA 775 NVIDIA GeForce 9300/nForce 730i
HDMI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard, running the latest Karmic Koala Beta
and the 0.22 using the trunk repository from JYA with the nvidia
190.36 drivers (great overscan correction), I'm also using the
graphite theme.

It works pretty well for the most part, the new in place metadata
update is great, and the look of the graphite them is really good, the
system has now less nonsense parameters, and TV watching performs
better, quicker tuning, less crashing, better audio/video sync, but I
have found some minor glitches:

1.-  As Petr Stehlik noted, mythshutdown with --setwakeup doesn't work
out of the box, I tried his suggested change (adding :ss to the
shutdown command) my next recording is tonight (Dollhouse), I hope it

2.- VNC has to be reconfigured and it doesn't work while mythtv is
running, you can connect but it slows down to a crawl, this didn't
happen with just the mythtv migration, so I'm guessing is a problem
with the nvidia driver and probably the theme (graphite) I haven't
tested other themes yet. Also if I close mythtv and try VNC on the
myhthbuntu GNOME desktop it works ok.

3.- The Graphite theme is missing some screens in the recording
options, if you get into those mythtv will block and never come back.

4.- The SAMBA shares got broken with one of the last updates of
Jaunty, you can connect, but whenever you start a copy from windows
vista, windows explorer crashes (altough seems like the copy continues
to work) I switched to FTP from the time being. When I moved to
Karmic, tried configuring the shares from the GUI, but the shares I
create there are never configured, I'll try manual configuration in
Karmic and see what happens.

5.- I lost my sound when I moved to Karmic, you have to fix it going
to the Mixer application, it's necessary to unmute the channels on the
HDA adapter and also to select the iec958-2 switch, here's the catch,
this parameters would get reset everytime you reboot the machine.
Seems like the alsactl application is missing so you have to select
the alsa-utils package so the settings are persisted after a reboot.

6.- I use mythwelcome, with the upgrade to Karmic two instances of
mythfrontend are started, you have to go to mythbuntu control centre
disable autostart, and then go to sessions on the GUI and remove any
mythtv startup application, add a new one and type mythfrontend
--service as the startup command, this one works with mythwelcome.

7.- I had to remove the mplayer package before, to be able to install
the nvidia 190.36 package from JYA, I tried selecting it again but now
it says it can't be deployed because it depends on libass1 >= 0.9.5
which is not installable.

8.- MPD is broken haven't gotten to it yet.

9.- the mythtv master backend package is not installed, one way to fix
this (if your machine is the master backend) is to go to the mythbuntu
control centre and select the master backend role.

10.- When you upgrade to Karmic, JYA's repositories are commented out,
you need to re-enable them again.

11.- Autologin is also not kept by default, you have to re-enable it.

12.- You have to reconfigure mysql optimizations on mythbuntu control

13.- The resolv.conf is rewritten assuming dhcp, if you have a fixed
address you need to re-add your nameservers and save the session, if
not it will be rewritten again, I selected the gnome-network-admin
package just to be able to check parameters from the GUI.

14.- Jamu scripts point to some fixed paths (i.e.: the IMDB script) on
/usr/local/share but the application is deployed on /usr/share so the
IMDB alternate script for example is never used, I created a symbolic
link in /usr/local/share (wrong solution) just to not deal with it.

15.- alsa.conf is modified, I had to check the backup configuration
file for the last line (intel hda), and add it to the new alsa.conf.

Does anybody now if DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD are now supported natively?
I'm having problems also with .ts files.

Well hope this helps.

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