[mythtv-users] text terminal as a part of myth?

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 03:55:44 UTC 2009

On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 2:17 PM, Michael T. Dean
<mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> On 10/11/2009 07:47 PM, Yan Seiner wrote:
>> Has anyone incorporated a text terminal into myth?  I'm looking for an
>> xtext term that can be used to do some simple tasks.  I have a machine that
>> only does X, and I need an "Operator console" to do some occasional
>> maintenance, so I'd like to invoke it from the setup menu, have it pop up
>> full screen, and, most importantly, I have to be able to configure the text
>> size so it's legible on a low-res TV.
>> I figure I can adapt xterm if I need to but I'm wondering if anyone has
>> done something like this.
> EXEC xterm -fs 20
> perhaps?

I used konsole as the terminal program as it is easy to set to use a
big font so it fills the screen. I used a mouse and keyboard on my
mythbox to make a konsole window full screen, set it to a nice colour
scheme, made the font large, got rid of the menus, scrolbar and status
line, then saved it as "default" settings. (NB I don't use this box as
a desktop, so the fact that konsole is now set to dreadful defaults
for daily use doesn't worry me). One option here might be to set
konsole's background to be something from your favourite myth theme).

Then set a menu button to run konsole

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