[mythtv-users] Seektable issues

Phil Bridges gravityhammer at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 16:08:56 UTC 2009

Thanks, Mike.  I missed the MPEG2 part of that wiki entry.

The odd thing is that my rebuild did *something*  - the shows that were
unwatchable before are at least watchable now.

On Oct 14, 2009 11:55 AM, "Michael T. Dean" <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:

On 10/14/2009 08:43 AM, Phil Bridges wrote: > > Sunday, my database borked
up royally - enough to ca...
--all does not work for seektable rebuilds (at least not in 0.21-fixes; it's
"supposed to" in trunk, but I've never tested).  So, you actually just
scanned for commercials on every single recording.

Also, in 0.21-fixes, mythcommflag --rebuild does not work for (nearly all)
MPEG-2.  You need to use mythtranscode --buildindex.

You need to run the command on every single recording individually.  Note,
also, that --queue does not work with --rebuild.  Therefore, run a script...


cd /path/to/first/recordings/directory
for file in *; do
 mythtranscode --mpeg2 --buildindex --allkeys \
              --showprogress --infile $file
cd /path/to/next/recordings/directory

(and so on)

And, far more importantly:

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