[mythtv-users] Control Lock Up During MythVideo Playback

Charles Mason charlie.mas at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 09:04:36 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I have been using mythtv for several years now. I have a dedicated
backend and a couple Linux Pc's which double as part time frontends. I
recently just purchased an HD TV and so was keen to get Myth TV
outputting HD to to it. I upgraded all my machines to use the
Mythbuntu trunk.

I purchased an AsRock Net Top which has an Atom CPU plus Nividia ION
GPU which means its capable of VDPAU. I configured the frontend to use
VDPAU and all appears to work well with playing back MythTV recordings
including BBC HD.

I appear to have two problems.

The biggest is that often most MythVideo will play fine but all the
controls are dead. I can't pause it or even get escape to respond, I
have to kill the frontend process via the terminal to stop it playing.
This occurs as soon as the Video starts playing. It happens with most
of my video content. About 20% of the time this doesn't happen and it
behaves normally.

My second problem is that some videos playback without any audio. On
the terminal there is a warning message that the sample rate is wrong.
It was supposed to be 41000 but got 48000. Presumably Alsa isn't
resampling it although I have no idea why.

Does any one have any suggestions on how to fix these issues.


Charlie M

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