[mythtv-users] MythTV, 1080P, NVidia, DVI to HDMI

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Oct 22 17:45:07 UTC 2009

Robert McNamara wrote:

>  > 1.  Should I return the S1 and get a panel with a VGA input 
>because I will have less issues?
>Nah, DVI and HDMI aren't any tougher than plain jane VGA (IMHO) and
>the gains outweigh any setup woes.

That depends on the TV and whether you are bothered by overscan. 
AFAICT,m the default for HDMI inputs is to overscan - ie you feed the 
screen a 1920x1080 signal, the TV chops off the edges, re-samples 
what's left up to 1920x1080 and displays that. From what I've been 
able to find out, it seems that larger panels are more likely to 
support a 1:1 mode (sometimes called Full Pixel mode, or other names) 
- if it does then you can feed the panel a 1920x1080 image and it 
will display it unmangled.

Since VGA inputs are designed for computer use, the default on those 
is to NOT overscan. In that respect, VGA is easier to setup - and if 
the display doesn't have Full Pixel mode on a digital input, will be 
the only way to get an unmangled computer display.

What's **really** annoying to me is the way manufacturers just don't 
give any information on this in their marketing blurb. Makes finding 
a suitable set a hit and miss affair - ie try them till you find one 
that works properly !

Simon Hobson

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