[mythtv-users] Anyone (successfully) using standard def TV out on nvidia drivers >180 and myth 0.22 themes?

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 01:31:16 UTC 2009

> How do the 0.22 themes look in std def?  Do they work or will the text all
> get chopped off because there's not enough screen space?  Are there good or
> autodetected font size settings that will look good on std def?

I am using the .22 mythbuntu theme and looks great on a SD set. It
supports the new fanart in mythvideo and watch recordings. I tried
some of the other new ones like Graphite and they were usable but
often felt cluttered and unappealing because of being squeezed into
SD. MythCenter is still available and looks much like it normally did
with .21. Most of the screen are just the default MythUI screens with
the MythCenter background but I would say overall that is still better
than .21.

> A little OT: Is anyone successfully using analog (in my case svideo) tv out
> and nvidia drivers >180?  I tried 190.32 (might have been 190.36) and a
> hundred xorg.conf experiments later I reverted to 180 drivers.  I couldn't
> get anything more than a brief flash on my tv via svideo with the 190.3x
> driver.  Also when I ran with a panel attached to DVI (for debugging) the
> nvidia-settings panel never detected a tv attached even with:
> Option         "ConnectedMonitor" "TV"
>  or
> Option         "UseDisplayDevice" "TV"
> in the xorg.conf.  I also tried various combination of "TV-0" and "TV-1" in
> the above with no luck.  As soon as I dropped back to 180 it worked fine
> with UseDisplayDevice line above.  Did nvidia drop tv out support in 190
> drivers?  If so I guess I'll have to stick with 180 on my geforce 9300.

I am using Component out to a SD set with 190.42. I also had no
problem with 190.36 or 185. Have you tried backing up your xorg file
and removing it. Then running nvidia-xconfig from scratch?

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