[mythtv-users] How to set digital audio passthrough in 0.24.1-fixes?

Victor vperez at rwserver.com
Sat Jul 2 01:34:51 UTC 2011

I have been running mythbuntu 9.10 for the last couple of years, everything
worked pretty good. I was able to get dolby 5.1 and DTS passthrough from
HDMI with no issues for recordings and mkv videos.

Last week i upgraded to mythbuntu 11.04 and I can't figure out how to
configure it to get that. My Onkyo receiver no longer detects the audio as
Dolby or DTS, even for recordings and videos that worked just fine before
the upgrade. Any ideas?

And yes, i've been googling and reading all the posts over here for the last
few days to not avail. I have tried all possible combinations of settings
for audio. Welp!
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