What's been happening since 0.8

  • Just thought I'd update the page with some highlights of current development efforts for those not on the mailing list.
  • John Danner has been working on a redesign for the TV Playback/Delete screens. Go here for a bunch of screenshots showing the new code in action. He's currently working on making it more easily themeable.
  • Thor (original mythweb author) has been doing work on mythmusic, and has contributed some rather nifty playlist support. You can now create/edit/reorder playlists from the music tree, Playlists can contain other playlists, etc.
  • I've been working on redesigning the OSD code, and it's now quite a bit more flexible. There have been a couple of nice looking OSD themes posted to the mythtv-dev list that I'll take screenshots of and post later.
  • Apparently the driver for the newer Hauppauge WinTV-PVR cards is getting quite useable. So, I just ordered a WinTV PVR-250 with the intention of adding support for it to MythTV.. Well, we'll see how that goes once the hardware gets here.
Posted by Isaac on April 4th 2003