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This is documentation on the existing bindings available in 0.22.

The Python bindings are a group of modules to allow easy access to MythTV data sources. The primary modules are MythTV.MythTV, MythTV.MythDB, MythTV.MythVideo, and MythTV.MythLog.


This class is used for general access to mythbackend through use of the Myth Protocol interface. By default, the class will connect to the master backend as a 'Monitor'. An alternate can be specified by either an IP address or hostname.


This class is used with Myth Protocol functions dealing with recordings.


This class is used for read/write access to files in the storage group of a remote frontend.


This class is used for interfacing with the Frontend control socket.


This class is used with Myth Protocol functions dealing with recorders. The class contains the following data points: cardid, cardtype, videodevice, hostname


This class is for general purpose access to the database, and contains several canned queries.


Represents one channel from the database. Holds the fields: chanid, channum, freqid, sourceid, callsign, name, icon, finetune, videofilters, xmltvid, recpriority, contrast, brightness, colour, hue, tvformat, visible, outputfilters, useonairguide, mplexid, serviceid, tmoffset, atsc_major_chan, atsc_minor_chan, last_record, default_authority, and commmethod.


Represents one program in the guide. Holds the fields: chanid, starttime, endtime, title, subtitle, description, category, category_type, airdate, stars, previouslyshown, title_pronounce, stereo, subtitled, hdtv, closecaptioned, partnumber, parttotal, seriesid, originalairdate, showtype, colorcode, syndicatedepisodenumber, programid, manualid, generic, listingsource, first, last, audioprop, subtitletypes, and videoprop.


This class adds functions for writing advanced user jobs.


This class is for database access specifically for the MythVideo plugin.


Adds access to logging functions of MythTV


Generates error with message


There are no outstanding patches at this time