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This class is used with Myth Protocol functions dealing with recordings. The class contains the following data points: title, subtitle, description, category, chanid, channum, callsign, channame, filename, fs_high, fs_low, starttime, endtime, duplicate, shareable, findid, hostname, sourceid, cardid, inputid, recpriority, recstatus, recordid, rectype, dupin, dupmethod, recstartts, recendts, repeat, programflags, recgroup, commfree, outputfilters, seriesid, programid, lastmodified, stars, airdate, hasairdate, playgroup, recpriority2, parentid, storagegroup, audio_props, video_props, subtitle_type, year


'data' is to be a list of string values in the order as described above. This is designed to be initialized against split programinfo structures coming from backend commands that provide them.


Return a Program object as a string, formatted to be used in MythTV.backendCommand calls




Updates the values for the selected program. To be used in transcoding or otherwise moving recordings.