AVerMedia DVB-T 771 Pass-Thru

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The AVerMedia DVB-T 771 has an antenna out socket, however, it is not accessible with the standard face plate. Where this output comes in use is if you have multiple tuner cards like I now have. With a small amount of drilling and filing, you can chain your cards together really easily. Here are some pictures for interested people (you will have to excuse the poor quality as I took them with my Xda II).

First, here is the DVB-T card as it arrived from Mr Gadget.

Notice that there is only one large hole where the RF cable can go, even though the tuner module obviously has two RF sockets, one male, one female.

Before removing the face plate, mark the center of the hidden RF out port. Importantly, note that it is not in the center of the face plate widthways.

Before the modification
Then, I dismantled the face plate from the actual card by taking out the two small screws that hold it to the tuner card.

I marked it out more accurately, then used a center punch to indent the face plate where I would do the drilling as this would help the drill to bore through the correct position without slipping.

Once I put it on the pedestal drill I drilled it three times, once with a small pilot drill, then with a bigger drill and then with the final size drill.

About to drill the face plate
The finished face plate, reattached to the card, using the two screws I took out. Before you reattach it, you might like to finish the hole up with a metal-file or some wet 'n' dry otherwise someone (i.e. you) could cut their fingers on the sharp edges.

You can see that there is now the ability to connext and RF cable to both the input and output ports.

Face plate returned to card
And how it all looks at the back of the PC. Here, you can visualise the ability to dasiy-chain the cards together with the input from the wall going into the top card, and the output from that going to the input of the second card.

I modified the second card at the same time ready for when I get a third card.

Two modified cards in my MythBox