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Antec Fusion


The Antec Fusion case comes in four varieties: black 430, aluminum 430, remote black and remote.

black 430 and aluminum 430 are the original models. Remote Black and Remote are the newer models.


  • Mini-atx form factor
  • 430W power supply (only with the "430" models. Newer models do not include a power supply).
  • IR receiver ( MCE Remote only )
  • Volume control knob
  • 2 internal drive bays
  • 1 front accessible bay, presumably for a DVD player
  • 2 120mm case fans
  • 4 Expansion slots
  • Ports on front: Firewire, 2 USB, audio I/O

Fusion Black Remote Features

  • Mini-atx form factor
  • No power supply
  • IR receiver
  • Volume control knob
  • 2 internal 3" drive bays
  • 1 external 5" bay for DVD drive (with door)
  • 2 120mm case fans
  • 4 expansion slots
  • LCD display with icons and dot-matrix array
  • Ports on front: Firewire, 2 USB, audio I/O
  • 'Brushed Aluminum' finish front panel
  • Texture paint finish (hides fingerprints)

For details on how to get everything working (tested with mythbuntu 9.10 only, should be adaptable to other distros/installs), see Antec_Fusion/Everything_Working.

LCD display


Fusion Remote Black

  • LCDproc only supports the VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display) and has no support for the LCD which the Fusion Remote Black uses. Although, it has been reported that this unit can come with either display installed (version 1 vs. version 2 of the Fusion Remote Black).
  • Latest CVS of lirc (as of 20090309) has support (imon_lcd) for both the LCD display and the IR remote. I would suggest that you also look at for Ron's work with the SoundGraph iMON unit.
  • Ron Frazier has created a replacement for mythlcdserver which does a credible job at integrating the iMON LCD into MythTV.

Note: The included IR remote is useless, except for learning the IR code to turn the power on remotely. The mouse pad is touchy and not well supported, as yet, in the lirc CVS code. The remote is cheaply made and you are better off using it solely to train a better remote as to the IR codes.

Note: The IR receiver of the SoundGraph iMON may not work with other remotes. It is completely mute when I use the Radio Shack 8-in-1 remote.

IR receiver

Setting up the IR requires many files. See Antec Fusion lirc for details.

Volume control

There was a thread about this in the mythtv-users mailing list.

Also see the corresponding wiki page Volume_Knob_on_Antec_Fusion

Issues and Concerns

  • Heat in the expansion slot area is a concern if you have fully populated the slots. The left most slot is against an internal bulkhead, and does not receive any air flow. Best is only plan on using only 3 of the 4 expansion slots, or be prepared to modify the case to increase airflow in this area. See the Silent PC Review for suggestions on how to keep the case cool.
  • The power connector for the LCD display is a special Antec connector, and if you replace the power supply you will need to order a special connector from Antec to reconnect the LCD. Order the Fusion 24-pin Extension Cable w/ 3 Pin adapter SKU:71017 from Antec's WebSite.
  • The Fusion Black Remote case includes an adapter with interconnects the 24-pin power supply cable to the motherboard and has a seperate power feed for the LCD. Replacing the power supply is a non-issue with this model case.


Mike Chin, the editor of Silent PC Review, was the functional design consultant for this case and the Antec NSK2480. Silent PC Review has a detailed review of NSK2480 and a followup for the Fusion.