August DVB-T201

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This is a low cost (UK £25) DVB-T stick with remote. August DVB-T201

Based on the AF9015/6 chip.

Current status (April 08) is that Antii Palosarii's driver works very well and seems to be stable. (Thanks Antii) The remote is not yet supported.

Installation is standard for experimental v4l drivers - ie do not enable V4L in kernel, download source, unpack, make etc.

Firmwareis required and on ubuntu should be placed in /lib/firmware/`uname -r` - it is only loaded after a cold boot where USB power has been off. (The linked firmware works where lsusb reports 15a4:9016 - there are several variants of firmware out there that don't work!)

With myth release-0-21-fixes the only configuration needed is to ensure that 'wait for seq' is disabled. Subjectively fast tuning and no issue with the parallel recording possible with Myth 0.21

Main Features

  • Low cost (for a DVB-T stick in the UK) - better performance/stability for me than a HVR900
  • VHF:174-230MHz UHF:470-860MHz Bandwidth 6,7,8 MHz, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM

Main Disadvantages

  • Remote not supported by driver
  • Stick has a blue tuning indicator led which is VERY bright
  • Supplied aerial is a toothpick
  • Stick runs quite warm