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MythTV now uses Trac, a popular bug-tracking system. When submitting bugs, there are a few rules and suggestions you should follow.

  • Read the Ticket HowTo and once done, read it again
  • Report bugs against the most recent unstable/development code, or failing that the latest release, and select the appropriate version under "Version" when submitting your ticket. Do not specify "Milestone", "Priority", or "Severity"--these will be filled out by the developers.
  • Search the bug database first and make sure the bug has not already been reported, and do additional searches to include recently-fixed tickets. Bugs are constantly being fixed, so if you don't search first, you could easily submit a duplicate ticket for a bug that was fixed recently. Also look through the -dev list archives, as many bugs are discussed there before they are submitted to Trac, and -commits list archives, as any fixes should have been mentioned in commit messages.
  • Include accurate description of how to recreate the problem. Attach (do not paste into the description) files containing logs, version information (mythbackend --version) and a backtrace if the bug involves a crash. If reporting the bug against the MythTV Python bindings, please also attach the output of mythpython --version.
  • Recompile MythTV with debug symbols. The additional information helps the developers to recognize errors. See Debugging.
  • Try and make sure the error is not your misconfiguration.
  • MythTV's bugs database (unlike some) is not a User Wish List or a forum for discussion of bugs. Do not submit your feature requests there, and don't use the comments for discussion - comments are for concrete debugging information that will assist the developers to fix the bug. Discussion belongs on the Mailing_List.

Once the bug is submitted, keep track of it as the developers may have additional questions or requests for you.