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Running MythTV applications with logging can help provide information required to diagnose any problems that may arise. Without log file maintainance, however, your system may become cluttered with old log files or the log files could grow quite large--in the worse case, even using all available space on your file system (which will then cause many other issues).

Programs such as logrotate or GNU Rottlog are designed to manage log files so that you don't have to. These programs require configuration to tell them how to handle the various log files. This category provides example configuration files to handle rotation and deletion of old MythTV log files.

After rotating the log files, you should send a signal to any long-running applications (such as mythbackend or mythfrontend) to close and re-open the log files. This can be done using the following syntax:

killall -HUP mythbackend

The "hangup" signal tells the application to write to the new log file, rather than the old, moved or deleted file. The provided configuration files instruct the log rotation application to send the signal, where appropriate, so it will be handled automatically when log files are rotated.


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