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Mailing lists / getting help

It's recommended that you join the user list at

The developer list is at

Please keep the developer list strictly for development-related issues.

Searchable archives for the lists are available at


There are two IRC channels dedicated to MythTV which can be found on

  • mythtv
  • mythtv-users

The mythtv channel is where the developers discuss code. It is not a user-support channel. Please don't ask non-development related questions there.

HOWTO-Stop.png Really. Even if there's no one in the mythtv-users IRC group or everyone seems to be ignoring you.

Bug database

If you feel you need to contribute to a bug database, use the MythTV bug ticketing system at

Good entries will contain the following:

  1. Qt version
  2. Linux distribution
  3. gcc version
  4. the last entry in config.log to detail how you compiled
  5. MythTV version numbers (e.g.from mythfrontend --version)
  6. Hardware
  7. How you are able to reproduce the bug

See the instructions on how to debug in Section 22.

The bug database is not a chat room, so restrict your entries to what is relevant. It's also not a repository of feature requests; a feature request without an accompanying patch file to implement that feature will be quickly closed. There is a feature wishlist on the wiki at There is no guarantee that anything on the wishlist will ever get code written to implement it.

If a developer closes out your bug, it's likely you didn't provide enough information. Don't re-open a bug without providing additional information.

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