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syslog is a standard approach for logging application messages. MythTV (starting with version 0.25) supports logging to syslog.

To enable syslog logging, start MythTV applications with the command-line argument:

--syslog                        Set the syslog logging facility.
                                Set to "none" to disable, defaults to none

Note that syslog logging is disabled by default because it requires explicit system configuration to be useful. If you enable syslog logging, you must configure your syslog implementation to properly handle the log output from MythTV applications or it will be intermixed with other system/application log messages, making the entire log file difficult or impossible to follow. Note, also, that parent processes will pass the --syslog argument to child processes automatically--meaning that mythbackend, when called with --syslog local7, will pass --syslog local7 to mythcommflag or mythtranscode or mythpreviewgen processes it calls.

Your distro may have already configured syslog and modified application start scripts to ensure syslog logging is already enabled. If not, the pages below should help you to configure your syslog implementation to properly handle MythTV application logging messages.

Downloading Configuration Files

Many of the example configuration files in this section can be downloaded automatically using the mythwikiscripts script that's installed as part of a MythTV Python bindings installation. To use the script:

$ mythwikiscripts

then follow the on-screen prompts to download the desired configuration file to a local file.

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