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This page looks redundant. The other page i'm talking about:

Was this by choise? Because this page looks more organised but the other is more Up-to-date.


Sub-category request


Is it OK to create a new subcategory "Analog TV capture cards"? The main motivation is that some cards can capture HDTV and Analog TV. However I also realize that some cards can also capture DTV (SDTV or EDTV) signals. Maybe "Analog TV capture cards" really can mean Analog & SDTV capture cards. Grokus 18:35, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

I just noticed this recently. I prefer to not put articles both in a category and its subcategory. It makes the structure a little more confusing. If you want to a card into a subcategory of Analog TV Tuner Card, that's fine by me. The defining thing to me is whether we have enough to splinter into multiple categories. In my opinion, I'm not sure there is enough for that. Anyone else have other opinions? --Gregturn 20:25, 7 August 2007 (UTC)

Vidio Capture cards

To MythTV developer

Well I think you made a quite nice little project here. Well I decided to create a Digital video and since the mechanic of any of my DVD survives around 1 year, I thought why not use Microsoft Media Center edition of windows XP. It was a very bad choice. First of all It instable at best with the supported hardware I brought and 2'Th they want to decide how to stores my recording. That is really something I dislike.

I brought Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1300MCE DVB-T, which now was a very bad chioce. Since it is very difficult to get any drivers to any thing else. I had an older analog card that I use until I get one of your supported cards.

What do you do then, I contacted hauppauge and complained about the stability of the media center from Microsoft, and asked for driver to the linux mythubuntu.

I will make one thing clear, that until the windows XP media center and the windows vista in general I has like the Microsoft operation system. I my self has developed software to both unix and windows, I do really not see that much different on system level. I am however not a UNIX freak by any meaning. Therefore I find linux general two complex to manhandle