Cisco DTA 271HD

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Remote control tested: Cisco RF2.2 (in regular IR mode)

Blasting Device: IR Toy

Lirc Version: 0.9.3a

Copy this file to /etc/lirc/cisco_hda_rf2_2.conf

# Please take the time to finish this file as described in
# and make it available to others by sending it to
# <>
# This config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.9.3a(irtoy) on Sun Jan  3 10:16:47 2016
# Command line used: -n -H irtoy -d /dev/ttyACM0 RemoteXXX.conf
# Kernel version (uname -r): 3.13.0-74-generic
# Remote name (as of config file): cable
# Brand of remote device, the thing you hold in your hand:
# Remote device model nr:
# Remote device info url:
# Does remote device has a bundled capture device e. g., a
#     usb dongle? :
# For bundled USB devices: usb vendor id, product id
#     and device string (use dmesg or lsusb):
# Type of device controlled
#     (TV, VCR, Audio, DVD, Satellite, Cable, HTPC, ...) :
# Device(s) controlled by this remote:

begin remote

  name  cisco_hda_rf2_2
  bits           22
  flags SPACE_ENC
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  header       3346  3240
  one           903  2424
  zero          903   774
  ptrail        901
  gap          36900
  toggle_bit_mask 0x0

      begin codes
          KEY_1                        0x36113D
          KEY_2                        0x37111D
          KEY_3                        0x36912D
          KEY_4                        0x37910D
          KEY_5                        0x365135
          KEY_6                        0x375115
          KEY_7                        0x36D125
          KEY_8                        0x37D105
          KEY_9                        0x363139
          KEY_0                        0x373119
          KEY_ch_up                    0x377111
          KEY_ch_down                  0x36F121
          KEY_mute                     0x36892E
          KEY_dta                      0x37C107
          KEY_info                     0x36213B
          KEY_last                     0x36E123
          KEY_menu                     0x36F920
          KEY_page+                    0x36D924
          KEY_left                     0x37810F
          KEY_right                    0x364137
          KEY_page-                    0x37D904
          KEY_exit                     0x366932
          KEY_vol+                     0x36093E
          KEY_vol-                     0x37091E
          KEY_enter                    0x366133
      end codes

end remote

Use LircChannelChanger to change channels

Use this script to change channels

But, change line 803 from this:

 cmd("$irsend $irsendoptions SET_TRANSMITTERS $emitters");

to this

 # cmd("$irsend $irsendoptions SET_TRANSMITTERS $emitters");

LircChannelChanger config file

# Configuration file for the LircChannelChanger script
# Except for the configfile option, all other options
# specified on the command line can be specified in
# this file.  Comments ('#') are stripped, and options
# that are not prefixed with '--' have the '--' added.
# The main reason for supporting a configfile is
# that the command line for the LircChannelChanger script
# could exceed the 128 character (database) size limits
# if many options were specified (and fully typed out).
# In particular, the before or after commands with long
# remote strings.
remote          cisco_hda_rf2_2   # lirc remote name
delay           .2          # .2 seconds is long enough for reliable tuning
rdelay          .2          # Add in .2 seconds for debounce compensation
                            # compensation (not clear if needed)
device          /var/run/lircd
channeldigits   3           # Tunes faster with 3 digits (no timeout reqd)
digitprefix     KEY_        # lirc file has keys prefixed with KEY_
                            # so sending 0 requires the name KEY_0
#beforekeys      KEY_INFO    # Return from extended info screen, if on it,
                            # otherwise this puts up the channel info,
                            # which you get anyway when tuning....

MythTV Backend setup

You need to configure your analog input device to use the channel changer script


Input Connections: /dev/video2
Display name: Hauppauge 1950
Video Source: cable box
External channel change command: /usr/local/bin/LircChannelChanger --cf=/etc/lirc/LircChannelChanger-DTA.conf
Preset tuner to channel: 3
Scan for channels: us-cable
This will find channels from 3 to 116.  You will have to edit and update these later

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