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Jump to: navigation, search is python script written by Fabian Rothfuchs that allows creating NFO files out of an existing MythTV database, which can be used by ( see ).

The script was designed for MythTV 0.21, an update to 0.22 is currently in development.

The latest version can be downloaded from here .

Basic Usage

The script does not require arguments. Without any, the script will try creating all the NFOs by using the filenames found in the database.

For instance, if `/media/series/episode1.avi` is found, the script will try creating a `/media/series/episode1.nfo` file.


 -d, --dummy           do not create, just print files and content

Simulating creation of the files - for control freaks :-)

 -f, --force           force overwriting of existing files

In case of destination path is already containing files, the script requires this parameter to overwrite them

 -n, --no-backup       do NOT create .backup files

By default the scripts creates .backup files of the NFOs - this can be disabled by this

 -q, --quiet           don't print status messages

No output except statistics at the end

 -v, --verbose         print verbose messages

Enhanced output

 -p PATH, --path=PATH  specify path where to recover NFO files

Backup storage path - can be relative or absolute