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Public Demos

This page is intended to provide information and ideas for people running public demonstrations of MythTV systems. Running a demo is a form of Linux Advocacy and helps up promote Linux, and MythTV, and all things Open Source.



Where are you going to run the demo ? Is it indoors or outdoors in a marquee ?

Review the location before the demo day.

* Where are the power points ? Will you need extention cables, power strips, etc.
* Is there a TV antenna outlet ? If not, can you get any signal using rabbit ear antennas ?
* Check the lighting for possible screen glare, especially sunlight.
* Think about how people will walk up to your demo.


You want people to come to the demo don't you, so there needs to be a bit of self promotion before the event. If you are doing the demo as part of some other event, see if you can get listed on their webpage and advertising material.

Print up some MythTV fliers that you can leave on the table for people to take home. The flier should say what MythTV does and where to get more information.


Which computer will you use ? Will you use a TV, computer screen, or projector ?

Make sure your equipment all works together, especially the screen resolution.

Have a large collection of recorded TV shows available, including some with advertisement breaks so that you can demonstrate Advert Detection and skipping.

Demo Day

Table Setup

Cover the table with a table cloth or white sheet.

Put your fliers at the front of the table so people can get to them easily.


Talk to people.

Demo System Configurations

There are so many ways to setup and run MythTV systems, but for a public demo you probably want something simple and rock solid. Hacking at the command line during a demo is bad form.