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Important.png Note: This is a page for developers to share, discuss and register their intentions to work on particular ideas related to backend setup. Please do not edit unless you are a developer, instead use the Feature Wishlist in the forum.

Channel Scanner

  • Provide a list of starting frequencies for named Satellite networks
  • Implement regional channel support for Freesat
  • Implement support for Freesat channel numbering

Channel Editor

  • Store the 'original' (LCN) channel number alongside the user's preferred channel number to allow us to map grouping information etc and allow the user to undo changes
  • Allow channels to be renumbered by physically moving them up and down the channel list, including renumbering of neighbouring channels only as necessary
  • Support batch actions for a selected range of channels (playlist)
  • Support batch actions by default_authority
  • Support batch actions by channel number