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Warning.png Warning: This page has been locked and archived on September 27, 2010. The official documentation for this card can be found at DigitalNow_TinyTwin_DVB-T_Receiver. This page remains as there is significant information herein not included in the official documentation. Please migrate any such information to the proper location.

DigitalNow TinyTwin USB Dual DVB-T Digital TV Tuner (Australia)
Vendors Website
Input Formats not applicable
Support Status Partially supported*
Driver dvb_usb_af9015
Sound Driver not applicable
Chipset af9015

There are at least two versions of this product on the market. I purchased this device in late November 2009 and the USB ID reports as:
$ lsusb | grep Afatech
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 1b80:e402 Afatech 

This device ID is different to the older model, and can currently only be made to work via hacking the source module and compiling - refer to for details


  • Download and install the latest v4l-dvb drivers as documented on the v4l-dvb wiki
  • Download the firmware from here
  • Copy to your firmware directory (/lib/firmware on Ubuntu).
  • Reboot. The TinyTwin tuners should appear as normal, i.e /dev/dvb/adaptor<n> and adaptor<n+1>


  • The current version's infra-red receiver is not working under current versions of ubuntu or mythbuntu (i.e. with the included remote control). See here, here and here. If you manage to get it working, please post your instructions on this page.
  • Currently Only available via v4l-dvb trunk
  • UDEV reports a serial number for easy enumeration when needed ATTRS{serial}
  • 1st time around the frontend for the second adapter may fail to appear, just remove and reinsert the TT and it should be fine. I've never seen the problem repeat itself.
  • There have been some reports of "works "out of the box"" in Ubuntu 9.04 - No need for above installation steps.
  • For me to enable the second adapter under Ubuntu 9.04 the module dvb-usb-af9015 needed to be called with the parameter "dual_mode=1". You can have this option load by default in Ubuntu 9.04 by creating a file under the /etc/modprobe.d folder with a .conf extension e.g. "/etc/modprobe.d/tinytwin.conf" containing a single line of "options dvb-usb-af9015 dual_mode=1" following a reboot you're good to go with both tuners.
  • the in-progress driver at has been undergoing recent changes and if you are experiencing difficulties with your distribution bundled driver you may want to run a hg clone over this driver tree to rebuild the dvb drivers.
  • Ubuntu Karmic Beta (9.10)
    • Works out of the box
    • Second tuner is enabled automatically
    • Firmware is out of date (4.65) and generates endless warnings. Download the 4.95 firmware and copy to /lib/firmware.
    • IR Receiver (i.e. remote control) not working.
  • Ubuntu LTS 10.04 Lucid Lynx.
    • dual_mode parameter is now no longer used for this driver. Do not use it.
    • Had to compile v4l-dvb project to get correct driver.