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Channel Changing on a Dreambox/Dream Machine.

There are many models and many firmwares, so you may have to adjust accordingly (as you'll see in the channel change script below). This author is using Gemini V470 firmware.

I had trouble making the Dreambox work with LIRC, then I read about using the web interface of the dreambox. I had to make a few changes, but has worked well so I wanted to share. Here is what I ended up with for changing channels on my DM500S:

Script.png channel-change-dreambox.sh
# Myth-TV channel changing script for Dreambox 500 (Gemini).  
# wget fetches a url to simulate a key press.   
# for some unknown reason, if you want a 1, 
# the url will need to send a 2, and so on.   
# That is why the "bc" program is used to 
# add 1 to the digit (sent from MythTV program).  
# Set IP, name and password. 

case $cmd in
    for digit in $(echo $1 | sed -e 's/./& /g'); do 
        # If we want to send a 0, the "code" is 11, so set it to 10.
                if [ "$digit" = "0" ]; then digit="10"
        CODE=`echo "$digit+1"|bc`
        wget --timeout=3 --tries=1 -q -O /dev/null --user=$USER --password=$PASS http://$DREAMBOX/cgi-bin/rc?$CODE
        sleep .5