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Important.png Note: The correct title of this article is dvdtranscode table. It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.

dvdtranscode table configures the MTD when transcoding from one format to another (Ex: MPEG-2 DVD to MPEG-4 Xvid). Setting these fields in the database will change how the MTD calls transcode.

Table Description

Field name Type Null Key Default Extras
intid int(11) PRI NULL auto_increment
input int(10) unsigned YES NULL
name varchar(128)
sync_mode int(10) unsigned YES NULL
use_yv12 tinyint(1) YES NULL
cliptop int(11) YES NULL
clipbottom int(11) YES NULL
clipleft int(11) YES NULL
clipright int(11) YES NULL
f_resize_h int(11) YES NULL
f_resize_w int(11) YES NULL
hq_resize_h int(11) YES NULL
hq_resize_w int(11) YES NULL
grow_h int(11) YES NULL
grow_w int(11) YES NULL
clip2top int(11) YES NULL
clip2bottom int(11) YES NULL
clip2left int(11) YES NULL
clip2right int(11) YES NULL
codec varchar(128)
codec_param varchar(128) YES NULL
bitrate int(11) YES NULL
a_sample_r int(11) YES NULL
a_bitrate int(11) YES NULL
two_pass tinyint(1) YES NULL
tc_param varchar(128) YES NULL


  • intid is a unique identifier for the entries in the table.
  • input relates to the intid field of the dvdinput table.
  • grow_h and grow_w: If these are greater than 0, the "-X" option is used to transcode.
  • f_resize_h and f_resize_w: If these are greater than 0, the "-B" option is used to transcode.
  • hq_resize_h and hq_resize_w: If these are greater than 0, the "-Z" option is used to transcode. For example if you want to change your 720x576 DVD to 360x272, you would set hq_resize_w=360 and hq_resize_h=272.
  • bitrate is what is used with the transcode "-w" option to set the encoder bitrate.

Example Entries

intid: 9
input: 6 
name: Good
sync_mode: 1
use_yv12: 1
cliptop: 0
clipbottom: 0 
clipleft: 16
clipright: 16
f_resize_h: 5 
f_resize_w: 0 
hq_resize_h: 0
hq_resize_w: 0 
grow_h: 0
clip2top: 0
clip2bottom: 0 
clip2left: 0
clip2right: 0
codec: divx5
codec_param: NULL
bitrate: 1618
a_sample_r: NULL
a_bitrate: NULL
two_pass: 0
tc_param: NULL