Fedora 12 - Package Dependencies

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There is a quick way and a long way to install all of the package dependencies for Mythtv.


The quick way uses yum-builddep and the mythtv.spec package to download everything.

1. You will need to install the yum-utils package (to obtain yum-builddep).

    yum install yum-utils

2.a) If you are using atrpms.net, install the atrpms-rpm-config package.

    yum install atrpms-rpm-config

If you have problems with the install, this package is in the 'Common files' section of the main page. This package installs a collection of macros which are needed to parse the mythtv.spec file. yum-builddep will not work with the mythtv.spec file without them.

2.b) If you are using rpmfusion, you should not need to install any other package than the yum-utils package. (Someone who uses rpmfusion should correct this if it is not true!)

3. Then with your choice of repository enabled, run:

    yum-builddep mythtv

This will parse the spec file for mythtv, and install ALL the missing dependencies as defined by the spec file. The dependencies for all the plugins and any possible combination of settings will be installed. In other words, you do want a fast network connection, and you might want to go out to lunch after starting this running.


This involves running a copy and paste of the script on the Fedora_10_-_Package_Dependencies page, and fixing any package name errors, or package changes which the script chokes on. That script does however do some things which are useful in a mythtv install, so it might be worth your while to take a look at it anyway, even if you use the quick method.