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GMyth is a library to access MythTV Mythbackend services. It is intended to speedup the development of a Mythtv Frontend, providing a high level API enabling applications to retrieve data such as:

  • EPG: Retrieve channels and programs data with filtering capabilities. Retrieve channels icon;
  • Scheduling: List, add, change and remove recording schedules;
  • Recorded programs: List, remove, download and stream recorded programs;
  • Live TV: Control the backend remote recorder, switch channels and access Live TV content.

GMyth provides remote access and needs few dependencies. It is built in the top of Glib/GObject APIs and calls the libmysqlclient to access the Mythtv backend database. It comes with two command line sample applications:

  • gmyth-ls: Lists the recorded programs or the available livetv channels;
  • gmyth-cat: Similar to the linux cat command. Reads a recorded program or a livetv channel and ouputs its data to the standard output.

Related Projects

Some other piece of software has been developed to help applications to play Mythtv recorded videos and Live TV:

  • GMythStream: A server developed in python to make live transcode of mythtv content and stream via HTTP.
  • Mythtvsrc: A GStreamer source plugin to access mythtv recorded videos and livetv channels.
  • Nuvdemux: A GStreamer demux plugin for the nuv container format.
  • Mythtv gnomevfs module: Allows gnomevfs client applications to access the Mythtv content through a uri such as: myth://host:port/filename.nuv.