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The gallery-ui.xml file governs the layout and behavior of the MythGallery Plugin. It consists of the following windows and named attributes:

MythGallery Windows

Window Name Type Description
gallery Window The main MythGallery screen.
filter Window The image filter settings screen.

The "gallery" window

Widget Name Widget Type Description Required?
images buttonlist The button list of gallery images. Yes
title textarea The filename/text associated with the selected image. No
noimages textarea The text area to appear when no images are present. No
selectedimage imagetype Imagetype for the selected item. No
position textarea numerical value of the selected item (ie "1 of 32"). No
breadcrumbs textarea Path to selected item. No

The "filter" window

Widget Name Widget Type Description Required?
dirfilter_text textedit The directory filter. Yes
typefilter_select buttonlist Filters by item type (all, images, movies). Yes
sort_select buttonlist The sort order selector. Yes
check_button button Check filter settings. Yes
done_button button The "Done" button. Yes
save_button button The "Save" button. Yes
numimages_text textarea Displays result of filter check. Yes