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HDHomeRun is a series of networked tuners manufactured by Silicondust USA Inc..

Use in MythTV

MythTV supports these tuners using SiliconDust's LGPL V2.1 libhdhomerun. SiliconDust also provides the command line configuration utility hdhomerun_config with the library, and, separately, a GTK based hdhomerun_config_gui under the GPL V3.

To use all of the tuners in a device, in mythtv-setup you must create a capture card for each tuner.

< 31
DVB-C variants of the HDHomeRun devices were not well supported by MythTV versions prior to 31, since DVB-C HDHRs were seen as DVB-T devices which would work on some cable networks (by accident) but not on others.


Networked tuners

If other devices on your network use the tuners, this may cause MythTV to fail to record since it cannot retune a tuner that is being used by something else.

ATSC 3.0 tuners

The HDHR5-4K (marketed as HDHomeRun FLEX 4K) has two tuners that support both ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 as well as two ATSC 1.0 only tuners. Currently, MythTV has no way of identifying this, so if you want to receive ATSC 3.0, only configure capture cards for two tuners. Support is WIP, see the forum for more details.


Recording multiple subchannels on one stream will not work in the following scenarios:


The model names are generally in this format: HDHR[N]-[T][S] where N is the hardware version, T is the number of tuners, and S is a code for the supported TV standards:

  • US: 8vsb (ATSC), qam64, qam256
  • CC: CableCard decryption, qam64, qam256
  • 4K (prefixes tuner count if in model name): ATSC 3.0, 8vsb (ATSC), qam64, qam256
  • EU: DVB-T and DVB-C
  • DT: DVB-T, DVB-T2 (added in gen 4), DVB-C (added in gen 5)
  • DC: DVB-C (merged into DT in gen 5)
  • IS: ISDB-T

Manufacturer Documentation