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You might want to use Konqueror as the integrated MythBrowser has some limitations. You can still use the MythTV bookmark manager to launch webpages. Konqueror can be configured using the profile manager.


  • Fullscreen: Press F11 (for Fullscreen mode) and STRG + M to enable the menu bar again.
  • Fontsize: Go to the Konqueror Configuration Menu and select Fonts. Now set the minimal font size so that you can easily read it on your screen.
  • Toolbars: You can adjust the icon size to big and I suggest to add a quit button to a toolbar of your choice, so you can close Konqueror easily.
  • Profile: Once you are done, save you profile and call it for example fullscreen.
konqueror --profile fullscreen

will now start Konqueror with all your settings.



Starting Konqueror from the MythFrondend is a little tricky. Replace /usr/bin/mythbrowser with /usr/bin/konqueror in Configuration: Web Settings and you will see that Konqueror does not start. This is because of the commandline arguments that were created to control mythbrowser. You can deactivate them except for the zoomlevel parameter:

konqueror -z 100

will result in unknown option: -z.


Create a new shell script, make it executable, adjust the user rights and put into the /home/mythtv directory

Script.png konqueror.sh
/usr/bin/konqueror --profile fullscreen $3
echo $*

$3 will hand over the third parameter which should be the URL from the bookmark manager. The mythbrowser Zoomlevel parameters -z and 100 are then ignored. echo $* displays all parameters handed over to this script and is just for checking. Now enter /home/mythtv/konqueror.sh in Configuration: Web Settings and use Konqueror for browsing.