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To get the Logitech UltraX Media remote R-RC6 working in Mythtv there are a few steps to be taken. When you plug in the device, some of the keys are working as this usb device present itself as a keyboard. However the special keys are mapped to a second input device which needs to be enabled to work.

Modify Xorg.conf

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier  "remotekeyboard1"
Driver      "evdev"
Option	    "Name" "Logitech USB Receiver"
Option	    "XkbRules" "xorg"
Option	    "XkbModel" "evdev"
Option      "Phys" "usb-*/input1"
Option	    "Protocol" "evdev"

and to add in:

Section "ServerLayout"
InputDevice    "remotekeyboard1" "SendCoreEvents"

This will enable X to see all the events related to this remote. Restart X to get this effective.

Map key events

The keyboard codes are not yet recognized by X. To have X recognize the keys create a Xmodmap. You can find these events by checking using xev and clicking the keys one-by-one Save the file in the user homedir with the name .Xmodmap

!Xmodmap mapping for Logitech UltaX Remote R-RC6
keycode 150 = F13
keycode 214 = F14
keycode 129 = F15
keycode 141 = F16
keycode 137 = F17
keycode 234 = F18
keycode 145 = F19
keycode 143 = F20

keycode 175 = R
keycode 174 = Escape
keycode 121 = F9
keycode 122 = F10
keycode 123 = F11
keycode 172 = P
keycode 147 = M
keycode 138 = I

keycode 173 = less
keycode 171 = greater
keycode 176 = KP_Home
keycode 216 = KP_End

keycode 166 = BackSpace
!Angle - strange - same event as Voldown
!keycode 123 = F21
!Ch Up
keycode 154 = KP_Add
!Ch Down
keycode 155 = KP_Subtract
keycode 144 = F22
keycode 157 = F23
keycode 120 = l
!Repeat - strange - same event as fmradio
!keycode 137 = F24
!Subtitle - same event as vol up
!keycode 122 = F24
!keycode 162 = Space
keycode 140 = T

Map key codes in Myth

As now all the keys are regular X keys, you can use the key mapping in mythtv to map the special keys to the related actions. e.g. map video's to the video's key (F19 with the above mapping)