Mounting the HD-PVR Internally

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For a more "Set-top-Box" type experience, the Hauppauge HD-PVR can be mounted, connected, and powered internally. With a little extra effort, custom PCI brackets can be created for a nice backplane effect to capture HD video and surround sound audio. This article documents the steps to mount the HD-PVR in this configuration.

Parts Needed


Creating the internal power cable

One End of the Molex Power Adapter.
The Other End of the Molex Power Adapter.

Molex connectors from PC Power Supplies have 12 Volt and 5 Volt "rails." We will draw power from the 5 Volt rail, which is the red wire on the molex connector, and its ground, which is the black wire directly next to the red.

  1. With a wire cutter, cut off the fan connector from the above-linked item.
  2. Strip the ends of the wires and screw the plastic sheath off the Radio Shack K Plug.
  3. Pass the wires through the back of the plastic sheath from the DC plug and push it all the way down so that it is out of the way.
  4. Using a soldering iron, solder the red wire to the inside (short) post. Solder the black wire to the outside (long) post.
  5. Slide the plastic sheath back along the wires and screw in on to the end. You should now have a connector as illustrated here. You may wish to apply some electrical tape for stability and security.

Removing the HD-PVR from its Chassis

Removing the HD-PVR's feet.
Removing the cover.
Removing the front panel.
Sliding out the HD-PVR.
  1. Remove the rubber pads from bottom of HD-PVR feet, exposing four screws holding the chassis together.
  2. Unscrew all four feet. The top of the chassis should pop off.
  3. At the front, there is a small plastic retaining panel with three snap-in tabs. While squeezing the sides of the device together, press down on at least one of the tabs and attempt to pull the panel gently off. This may take some time and patience to accomplish without destroying the chassis.
  4. Remove the front and slide the HD-PVR board out through the opening.

Mounting the HD-PVR

Finished Drilled Holes.
The HD-PVR resting in place.
A post in the screw hole.
  1. Using the HD-PVR circuit board as a template, mark spots for the four screwholes in the top (removable) panel in your case.
  2. Using a drill with a bit close to the size of the HD-PVR foot screws, and careful, even pressure, drill four holes in the top panel of your case.
  3. Thread the four original screws through the holes you just drilled, so that the ends of the screws face the inside of the case.
  4. Fit four rubber or silicone grommets over the screws to give the HD-PVR some clearance from the side of the case.
  5. Fit the HD-PVR onto the four screws so that it rests gently on the four grommets.
  6. Screw four nuts onto the four screw posts, so that the HD-PVR is secured snugly against the rubber/silicone grommets.
  7. Attach the power cable that you created to the HD-PVR and a free molex connector.
  8. Attach the USB-B cable to the HD-PVR and a free USB header on the motherboard.

Building Custom PCI Brackets

Under Construction

To add:

  • Building the custom PCI brackets