MySQL for Windows

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This guide was tested with MySQL 5.6. Other versions may work. Note the following guidelines/requirements.

  • Use the 32-bit version of MySQL
  • If you will not be running the database from this machine you don't need MySQL Server installed and you can skip any steps below pertaining to MySQL Server only. Note that you must install the Client C API.

Installing MySQL

This guide used the 5.6 version of the x86 Windows web community installer downloaded from:
  1. Select Custom installation type
  2. Select 5.6 for the MySQL version and Any for Architecture
  3. In the list boxes
    • On the left, select MySQL Servers. On the right, uncheck 64-bit and check 32-bit
    • On the left, expand MySqlServers, select MySqlServer 32-bit. On the right, check MySQL Server, Client programs, Client C API, Server data files. Everything else can be unchecked
    • On the left, Applications, MySQL Connectors, and Documentation can be unchecked
  4. On the configuration screen, select the Config Type you like. Whatever port you select will have to match what you setup in the MythTV configuration
  5. Check Show Advanced Options
  6. On the next screen, select your root password. Leave user account configuration for the mythconverg database creation step
  7. You can leave the defaults on the subsequent configuration screens