Myth2ipod Troubleshooting

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I just got myth2ipod working and to use an expression I heard a lot in the UK, I'm well chuffed.

Kudos to Chris/wififun et all for putting this tool together.

Here are some notes on the roadblocks I hit so others can save themselves a few minutes of head scratching. Feel free to add your own tips too!

The instructions at IPod Export Solution: Myth2iPod are a pretty good start. I started with a mythdora 4.0 system, so these tips on how to tweak the above were really helpful.

After that I was able to run myth2ipod from the command line OK, but from the frontend jobs would just sit in the queue, and /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log wasn't saying a thing to give me a hint on what was wrong.

I fiddled with the command line for User Job #1 but didn't see any changes. I google and searched my system for other logs. I even tried redirecting the stdout and stderr to a file I could find by changing the User Job #1 to /usr/local/bin/myth2ipod -cut /storage/recordings "%FILE%" &>/home/mythtv/myth2ipod.log. The file wasn't created so I knew the job wasn't starting at all.

Since I wasn't seeing anything in the logs I figured I needed to turn up the log level so I stopped the mythbackend service (#service mythbackend stop), and then restarted from the command line but filtered for job related problems (#mythbackend -v none,jobqueue).

Jackpot! I saw a line in the console output that User Job #1 wasn't allowed to run on this backend. Doh! I only have one backend, if it's not allowed here it's not allowed anywhere. I remembered settings in mythtv-setup about User Jobs but always ignored them because this is the first time I've used one. The default mythbackend logging on my system was "important, general" and I guess since this isn't technically an error it wasn't important or general enough to be included.

I killed mythbackend and started mythtv-setup. In the General section there are 4 items "Allow User Job #" - selected all of the them and exited.

Sidenote, I was changing User Job#1 settings using the mythweb settings UI (http://mythbackend/mythweb/settings/settings?host= on my system), and eventually figured out that changes don't necessarily take effect until you restart mythbackend.

Restart mythbackend service, requeue the job and things started working as advertised. Sweet!

As with the previous tip, myth2ipod would run perfectly from the command line, but not as a user job. I had allowed user jobs 1 and 2 to run on the backend (with and without recognition of commflagging), but a review of /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log indicated that the problem was the lack of /home/mythtv/.mythtv/config.xml. Not sure why that file wasn't there, but copying it from another user account on the same machine appears to have solved the problem.