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Lyrics support was added in 0.28

MythMusic Lyrics Support

MythMusic can display lyrics for both file tracks and radio stream tracks. It supports both synchronized and non-synchronized lyrics from various sources including those embedded in a tracks tag, those contained in lrc files named the same as the track but with a .lrc file extension and can also download lyrics from various Internet sites.

The lyrics are handles by the backend where the tracks are stored or by the master backend for stream tracks. The backend will cache the lyrics to speed up there retrieval in the future and also allows all frontend to use the same lyrics.

Editing Lyrics

The quality of lyrics can vary widely so there is a simple built in lyrics editor to correct mistakes and you can also change non-synchronized lyrics to synchronized ones by adding the times codes.

Lyrics Grabbers

Myth will try each grabber in turn until it finds some lyrics. The grabbers are all python scripts and are saved in MythTV share directory (typically /usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Music/lyrics/). The order they are tried is hardcoded in each script by the __priority__ number, lower numbered ones will be tried before the higher ones.

  • Script format