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MythNotification is a simple messaging protocol, added in 0.27 in addition to the MythMessage protocol

MythNotification, just like MythMessage listens on UDP port 6948, and currently accepts a single simple XML format.

<mythnotification version="1">

Only message_text is required; all other fields are optional.

  • Timeout accepts an integer value in seconds before notification disappear. System default is 5s
  • Image contains a path to image to include in the notification; a URL, myth:// or absolute path are allowed
  • Origin contains the notification's origin value
  • Extra contains the notification's extra text value that would be displayed when a progress bar is showing
  • Progress Text contains the text displayed in the notification when a progress bar is showing
  • Progress contains a floating point value between 0 and 1 indicating the progression. 1 is 100%, 0 is 0%
  • Fullscreen contains a boolean value (true of false) indicating if the notification is to be displayed in full screen
  • Error contains a boolean value (true or false) indicating if the notification is an error one
  • Type contains a string with the notification type. Allowed value: normal, error, warning, check, busy. If Error is defined, this value is ignored

To send the message to a single address, use bcastaddr parameter with that single IP.

Notifications can also be sent using the mythutil tool

Example: mythutil --notification --message_text "my message" --origin "mythutil" ----timeout 5 --bcastaddr

These notifications can be sent manually, or using Mythutil, the Frontend control socket, and the Services API.

See also MythMessage for the older MythMessage protocol