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Important.png Note: The download site for MythTV-light packages has changed due to the upcoming takedown of the bintray site. See below.


MythTV Light is a simplified package for debian based systems. It installs everything in one package, unlike the normal Ubuntu install which has many interdependent packages.

It does not install the database or any services for starting the backend. It does not install any automated backup operations.

There are prebuilt package for Raspberry Pi Debian based systems. It installs the programs and menu shortcuts, and all dependencies. It is installed using gdebi. Uninstalling can be done with apt remove. Upgrading can be done by installing a new version over an old one.

MythTV Light includes both frontend and backend components. It can be installed as a remote frontend with little effort. It can also be used for a backend, but you will have to set up the database yourself and set up a service to start up the backend. The package relieves you of the necessity to configure and compile the software.


MythTV Light can also be used with desktop and laptop computers running Ubuntu. There are some prebuilt package on the download site mentioned below, in the amd64 directory.

Raspberry Pi

The raspberry Pi models 2,3 and 4 are supported as remote frontends. Building MythTV yourself on a raspberry Pi is a time-consuming task. MythTV Light packages solve the problem. MythTV Light is available for Raspbian.

There are some people running a backend on a Raspberry Pi models 2 and 3. This is possible but the capabilities will be limited.

For Pi model 4 a much more comprehensive backend is possible, for more information see mythtv forum topic

Instructions for Raspberry Pi

Packages are available from a download site. You can download the correct package for your system and install it using gdebi.

Install gdebi

sudo apt install gdebi-core

Download package

Download the correct mythtv-light package from . Navigate to MythTV-light, raspberry-pi, version number. Download the mythtv-light package. If you want to install plugins download the mythplugins-light package as well.

Do not select a package from amd64 unless you are installing on a desktop/laptop running Ubuntu.

Available versions are as follows

Operating System MythTV version
Raspbian jessie for Raspberry Pi
Raspbian stretch for Raspberry Pi
Raspbian stretch for Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi OS (buster)
Raspberry Pi OS (buster)
Raspberry Pi OS (buster)

Install package

Fill in the download file name and run this:

sudo gdebi mythtv-light-xxxxxx.deb

If you also want plugins, run this:

sudo gdebi mythplugins-light-xxxxxx.deb

After Installation

For a backend installation, continue with installing mythweb, the database, mythtv user, etc. Instructions start at Install MythWeb.

For a remote frontend, all that needs to be done is setup the $HOME/.mythtv/config.xml file.

For Raspberry Pi specific instructions see Raspberry Pi.