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Time.png Outdated: The information on this page may no longer be relevant to the current release of MythTV, 31.0. Please consider helping to update it.


I assume you got here after installing mythbuntu weekly trunk builds. For some reason you can't get your slave backend talking to the master backend the slave is using an older schema than is being used in the master although you installed them both from the same source.

why this happens

To be honest I have no idea it seems like when the master backend is installed its on an older database schema and somewhere in the first run it updates things to the later schema. Unfortunately the poor old slave is left out and doesnt get the new schema result one slave backend unable to talk to the rest of your myth system.

The Cure / Work around

Ok we know that the initial setup of the master updates the schema on the existing database, making it impossible for the slave to connect and come up to the newer schema.

So the answer is to make it a masterbackend/frontend temporarily. First take your original master off the network, or there will be confusion, and install master backend and frontend on your slave. this will set up a db on the new backend.

Configure this backend with your tuner(s) and then test it hopefully if you launch mythtv you will now see the same schema being used in the terminal window as is on your original backend.

Ok now your properly updated so tell mysql to stop. Now bring your original backend up at this point there is usually some confusion as to which is the masterbackend. so you must configure the slave and master to point to the original backend.

Probably you will need to reconfigure the capture cards probably on both machines. The slaves config you just did is in a database your not going to use again.

setup the slave first and check it has an entry in capture cards using phpmyadmin on the original master. you can also do the same for the master, I found that my master decided to use its ip address in the capture card table which meant the card came up as remote and not connected. changing it to the local host name cured that. you may need to reboot a few times the master needs to be up before the slave. you can probably just use mythtv-backend restart or start rather than rebooting.

You must ensure that the mythdatabase on the slave isn't active. mysql stop helps initially however you will want to either drop or rename that db on the slave. personally i used phpmyadmin to drop the database.

hopefully now you have both slave and master backend working together using the weekly builds from mythbuntu The multirec feature is an additional complication that you don't need right now so set max recordings to 1 till your happy everything is working ok.

to do

secure mythweb, secure phpmyadmin, enable multirec, relax watch some tv...