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Mythjobqueue is the internal process used by the backend to process any outstanding jobs on recordings.

Mythjobqueue takes into account the start & stop time defined in the general section of mythtv-setup, when run and will only process jobs during the designated time frame.


Usage: mythjobqueue <-v> <-O/--override>

        -v      or --verbose debug-level  : Use '-v help' for level info
        --help  or -h                     : Prints this help statement.
        -O      or --override option      : Override the specified database option with the given value '''0.20+ only'''

Forced Run

With the addition of override option in version 0.20+ mythjobqueue can be forced to run using:

 mythjobqueue -O "JobQueueWindowStart=00:00" -O "JobQueueWindowEnd=23:59"

This command will result in all jobs being processed, in order immediately, regardless of the time that the job queue is scheduled to run