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Important.png Note: The correct title of this article is mythlogserver. It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.

In 0.28, the compile time option --disable-mythlogserver was removed and mythlogserver is disabled by default. --enable-mythlogserver was added for those that need it. That is very unlikely! See ac41535 for details of the 0.28 changes. Users can verify that their distribution was properly built by typing mythbackend --help and noting that the run time --disable-mythlogserver option doesn't appear.

mythlogserver is a program added in the 0.26 release. Log messages generated by all of the other MythTV programs are sent to mythlogserver which then distributes them to files based on the --syslog, and --logpath command line options as well as to the database (if --nodblog isn't set.) For details on how the logging options work, refer to Logging.

In 0.27, the --nologserver command line option has been added and if used, mythlogserver will not be started. Output will only go to the console (file, db and syslog are disabled.) Naturally, the --quiet option shouldn't be used if logging is desired (the same is probably true for --daemon, but that needs testing.)

Additionally, users building from source can select the --disable-mythlogserver option when running configure. If used, each mythProgram will have a logging thread and that will handle syslog, file logging.

Also in 0.27 mythlogserver is now optional, and really only intended for debugging purposes.

A single copy of mythlogserver is started on each host, as soon as any MythTV program starts, typically mythbackend and mythfrontend. mythlogserver's own logging options are inherited from the program that starts it. Log entries in mythlogserver's own log can be seen whenever one of its clients, such as a backend, starts and stops using it. Also note that when mythlogserver detects that no other MythTV program is using it, it will stop running after 5 minutes.

See 0.26 specific sections in Logrotate All Applications and Simple rsyslog Configuration if they are used.

mythlogserver uses ZeroMQ libraries, which are included with the MythTV distribution.