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Software-update-available.png This page is up-to-date as of MythTV version 0.28, the current release is 33.1

Operating System

MythTV is designed to run on Linux operating systems. It is also supported on Mac OS X and FreeBSD. Support on Microsoft Windows is limited.

There are many Linux distributions for which there are pre-built packages for MythTV. In the case of distributions where there are no pre-built packages or the pre-built packages are out of date, you can install by building from source.

There are some Linux Distributions that are customized just for MythTV. These come with MythTV pre-installed. These will feature a Linux system with some features missing, for example office applications may not be pre-installed as they are not used by MythTV.

Suggested Approach

If you are starting out with no existing Linux setup, use Xubuntu.

MythTV Customized Distributions

Below are details of some MythTV customized distributions and Linux distributions.

Mythbuntu logo.pngMythbuntu Mythbuntu is a MythTV and Ubuntu-based distribution focused upon setting up a standalone MythTV based PVR system. It can be used to prepare a standalone system or for integration with an existing MythTV network.

Note: Mythbuntu has been retired. See below for details of Xubuntu and Ubuntu.
LinHESlog.png LinHES (Formerly known as KnoppMyth) includes MythTV and all its official plugins. In addition, LinHES includes Apache, NFS, Samba, and various other daemons. Everything one needs to easily setup a power home entertainment system is included. LinHES Home Page LinHES Forums Download
MiniMyth MiniMyth is a small Linux distribution that turns a diskless computer into a MythTV frontend and slave backend. Home Page

Targeted Linux Distributions


Xubuntu, Ubuntu

Dialog-accept.png Suggested

Obtain Ubuntu by downloading and installing the latest Xubuntu or Ubuntu Desktop LTS version. MythTV is available through apt. See the Ubuntu Community Documentation for more information. Daily snapshots for both the stable release (-fixes) and development (-trunk) are available from the MythTV PPA for current releases of Ubuntu.

Developers Target latest LTS and latest Standard Ubuntu



Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS

There are MythTV packages for Fedora available from RPM Fusion. These repositories are not compatible with each other, so you'll have to take your pick between them. See Installing MythTV on Fedora for instructions. Developers Target latest Fedora, previous Fedora and latest CentOS RPM Fusion


Current method recommended by the developers is to use the provided packaging scripts to build your own packages. Developers Target current Stable Installing MythTV on Debian
Raspbian logo.png


Raspbian is the default operating system for the Raspberry Pi. Installation packages are available from MythTV Light Developers Target current Stable Raspbian

MythTV Packages

Other Linux Distributions



MythTV Packages for openSUSE are available on packman. Download


The Penguin Liberation Front which hosted packages seems to have shut down. You may be able to use the packages from RPMFusion RPM Fusion

Arch Linux

MythTV Packages are available in the Extra repository. There is a User Guide User Guide

Other Operating Systems


Mac OS X

Various versions of MythTV for Mac OS X are available, including both frontend and backend and up to current release fixes builds and trunk. MacPorts


MythTV is available for FreeBSD MythTV in FreeBSD Handbook


Though progress on the Windows platform is sometimes slow, installer packages are available for MS Windows. MythTV for Windows