Netgear MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player

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Short Description

This box is an audio only music client. It connects to the MythTV UPnP audio server.

Hardware Support

Digital Audio No
Wireless Ethernet Speed b only ("g compatible")
Wired Ethernet Speed 10 & 100


Support MythTV Music (since 0.21+) Should (Note: MythTV Music is broken in 0.20.)
Supported audio formats MP3 (up to 320kbps CBR, VBR), WMA9 (up to 192kbps)

MythTV Interaction

Customizable Menus (and in what way) No
Menu Responsiveness Sluggish.
Menu Hierarchy Controlled by MythTV, right?

Screenshots/Screencasts of Client Working with MythTV

Available Servers NetgearMP101-UPnP avil serv.jpg
MP101's Top Menu NetgearMP101-UPnP top menu.jpg
Browse Music NetgearMP101-UPnP brws music.jpg
MythTV's Menu NetgearMP101-UPnP myth menu.jpg
MythTV's Recordings
  • (Obviously, these are the videos and will not work on a music only client like the MP101.)
NetgearMP101-UPnP myth rec.jpg
Insides NetgearMP101-UPnP mp101 cktbrd.jpg

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