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Fail whale.jpg FAIL: That's right, you actually are calling the `mysql` executable to access a database from perl.

PDA Transcode

This script enables a MythTV owner to convert their recordings into files that can be watched on a PDA, MDA, Smartphone or Palm device. It was released under the GNU General Public License and written in Perl.


  • Download the script.
  • Place this file on your backend server as /usr/local/bin/pdatranscode.pl
  • Edit the settings in the file to reflect your requirements, like directories and user names
  • make it executable with: chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/pdatranscode.pl
  • run the script with a "--install-job-number" argument for the UserJob to use, e.g. "/usr/local/bin/pdatranscode.pl --install-job-number 1" and enter the MySQL password when prompted


The following link takes you to the original version of the script. Original PDATranscode Script. Make sure you rename it from pdatranscode.pl.txt to pdatranscode.pl