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The ProgramInfo structure is a frequently used block of data in Myth Protocol sent by Myth Protocol Commands. It consists of the following 44 fields, separated by a '[]:[]'.

Name Format Description
title string
subtitle string
description string
season integer
episode integer
category string
chanid integer internal channel ID
channum string user defined channel number (likely to contain '-', '_', or '.')
callsign string station abbreviation
channame string full station name
filename string full myth URI (myth://[Default]@hostname:6543/file.mpg) or basename (file.mpg)
filesize long integer
starttime datetime scheduled start of program
endtime datetime scheduled end of program
findid integer
hostname string
sourceid integer source ID (usually first digit of chanid)
cardid integer ID of physical capture card
inputid integer ID of specific input
recpriority integer recording priority (-20 to 20)
recstatus integer
recordid integer
rectype integer
dupin integer
dupmethod integer
recstartts datetime beginning of actual recording
recendts datetime end of actual recording
programflags integer state flags for the recording like watched, auto expires, delete pending, currently playing (see
recgroup string
outputfilters string
seriesid string
programid string
inetref string identification string to use with metadata grabbers
lastmodified datetime
stars float
airdate date
playgroup string
recpriority2 integer
parentid integer
storagegroup string
audio_props integer
video_props integer
subtitle_type integer
year int


version changeset field count description
12 [3988] 38 add 'stars' and 'originalairdate'
14 [4508] 39 timestamps are now in UTC
15 [5833] 39 add 'hasairdate'
18 [6865] 40 add 'timestretch'
25 [8628] 41 add 'recpriority2'
31 [11278] 42 add 'parentid'
32 [12151] 43 add 'storagegroup'
35 [13952] 46 add 'audioproperties', 'videoproperties', and 'subtitletype'
41 [18419] 47 add 'year'
57 [24694] 41 merge 'fs_high' and 'fs_low' to 'filesize'

remove 'duplicate', 'shareable', 'previouslyshown', 'commfree', 'hasairdate'

67 [v0.25pre-2563-ga41e965] 44 add 'season', 'episode', and 'inetref'