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The most important part of MythTV configuration is probably choosing good parameters for recording and transcoding programs. What parameters work well depends on many things, personal taste not least among them.

In this section, users can post the parameters they're using and pleased with, so you have something to try out. If you'd like to add an entry here, copy the lines near the top starting at |From and ending at |- to the bottom of the file, before |}, and replace the text items with your values.

From MPEG2 (IVTV Users)

From Width Height Codec MaxKPBS Scale HQ 4MV iDCT iMotion Audio BPS MP3Q User Comments
MPEG2 352 480 MPEG4 1800 N N N Y Y MP3 48000 2 Bay Link VHS or slightly less; some visible MPEG artifacts in flat colors, no noticeable motion artifacts

From RtJPEG/MPEG4 (Bt/cx88 Users)

From Width Height Codec RTJQual Luma Chroma Audio BPS MP3Q User Comments