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Author Phil Brady
Description Refresh Category Page


The category pages in this wiki give a list of pages and are very useful as an index. Without them, pages in the wiki will not be found. This article outlines how to include your page (a target page) in one of the category pages.

Changes to the target page

If you wish to include one of your pages in a category pages (such as HOWTO or Knowledge Base) then you will need to include directives in your page like this:

[[Category:Knowledge Base]]

The Mediawiki help pages describe this. [1] It suggest that this can appear anywhere in your page but it is usual to include it at the end. Your page will appear in the category page immediately.


The target page will vanish from the category page as soon as you logout. Other viewers will also see the same behaviour: The target page appears in the category page whilst they are in the login state, but will vanish again if they logout. The problem is that the server has cached the category page and the cache does not get updated. The Mediawiki page has advice on how to fix this by purging the cache here: [2] but the action=purge parameter just did not work for this contributor. An edit with no changes and just a save is also claimed to fix it: [3] but the wiki is clever enough to recognise a null edit and helpfully ignores it!


A real edit on the category page does work. The category page usually has a brief description at the top. Adding (say) an extra full stop to this and saving it will be sufficient to update the cache. If the category page already has a double full stop at the end then no doubt deleting the second one will also work! Please update this page if you can add further information.